Photography is a strange phenomenon. You trust your eye and you cannot help
but bare your soul. One's vision finds of necessity the form suitable to express it.

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Zhe Chen (China): Bees

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Inge Morath Award Recipient, 2011

from Bees, © Zhe Chen, 2011.They left their lives in the very wounds they had created for themselves.
- Virgil (Roman poet, 70BC – 19BC)

To jeopardize existence for existence itself: ‘Bees’ records a marginalized group of people in China, who, faced with chaos, violence, alienation and irredeemable loss in life, feel propelled to leave physical traces and markings on their bodies, in order to preserve and corroborate a pure and sensitive mind from within.

In 2010, having ‘The Bearable’ (a photo series documenting my own self-inflictions over the past 4 years) as my passport, I had the opportunity to develop a close relationship with some of these obstinate souls – the bees. During the process of exchanging secrets with them, I crossed paths with certain possibilities that were formerly untouched but towards which I had struggled greatly in my personal life. I’m struck by the unyielding actions and reactions that the bees carry on with while encountering sudden and acute emotional fluxes, and moved by the recurrent effort they make to recover … read more

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  2. Anna says:

    This documentary work is so intimate and touching. The approach I find it new, different and emotional. Also the theme is very intersting and unknown for me. Very pleased to see these images.

  3. wendy sacks says:

    Extremely powerful and a brave way to face ones own complexities. Bravo!

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