Photography is a strange phenomenon. You trust your eye and you cannot help
but bare your soul. One's vision finds of necessity the form suitable to express it.

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Natasha Jdanova (Russia): Le Cheval Blanc (The White Horse)

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© Natasha Jdanova from "Le Cheval Blanc", 2014Year after year taking pictures of different countries, towns, streets, men and roads I don’t think why. I’m just observing, making sketches. Photography is my prayer, the patter, the mantra. To think about a book of photographs means thinking about poem, poem-manifesto with description of some rules of existence, line with a plot and birth of the idea at the end. This set is about a woman, about a beauty and tenderness of not possession. This is a try of observing the nature and beauty of things and creatures, admiring of them.  … read more

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