Photography is a strange phenomenon. You trust your eye and you cannot help
but bare your soul. One's vision finds of necessity the form suitable to express it.

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The Inge Morath Award

The Inge Morath Award was established by the members of Magnum Photos in tribute to their colleague, who was associated with Magnum for more than fifty years. Funded by the photographers, the Award is administered by the Inge Morath Foundation in cooperation with the Magnum Foundation, New York.

The annual Inge Morath Award is given to a woman photographer under thirty years of age, to assist in the completion of a long term documentary project. The winner and finalists are selected by the photographer members of Magnum Photos and a representative of the Morath Foundation at the Magnum annual meeting.

The call for submissions and guidelines are announced annually by The Magnum Foundation and The Inge Morath Foundation on their web sites, usually in January/February. Winners of the Award are announced in July.

Past Recipients and their proposals:

Shannon Jansen (US), Winner, for A Long Walk
Elodie Chrisment (FR), for Pleasure Places – Paris
NB: The 2014 Award winning and finalist proposals will be presented by IM Magazine in September and October 2014, respectively.

No Award given.
Lauren Pond (US), Finalist for Faith and Its Price

Isadora Kosofsky (US), Winner, for Selections from “The Three” and “This Existence.”
Carlotta Zarattini (Italy), Finalist for The White Building: A Mirror of Cambodia.

Zhe Chen (China), Winner, for Bees.

Lurdes R. Basolí (Spain), Winner, for Caracas, The City of Lost Bullets.
Claire Martin (Australia), Winner, for Selections from The Downtown East Side and Slab City.

Emily Schiffer (US), Winner, for Cheyenne River.
Jenn Ackerman (US), Finalist, for Trapped: Mental Illness in America’s Prisons.

Kathryn Cook (US), Winner for Memory Denied: Turkey and the Armenian Genocide.
Leone Purchas (UK), Finalist, for In the Shadow of Things.
Alice Smeets (Belgium), 2008 Finalist, for Growing Up in Haiti.

Olivia Arthur (UK), Winner, for The Middle Distance.
Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan), Finalist, for Pipe Dreams: A Chronicle of Lives Along the Pipeline in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.
Newsha Tavakolian (Iran), Finalist, for Iran: Girl Power!

Jessica Dimmock (US), Winner, for The Ninth Floor.
Dana Romanoff (US), Finalist, for Wife of the God.

Mimi Chakarova (US), Winner, for Sex Trafficking in Eastern Europe.
Jessica Dimmock (US), Finalist, for The Ninth Floor.
Shannon Taggart (US), Finalist, for The Spiritualists.
Yue Ren (China), Finalist, for Gay Scene in Beijing.

Claudia Guadarrama (Mexico), Winner, for Before the Limit.


No Award given.

Ami Vitale (US), Winner for Kashmir.

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