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Photography is a strange phenomenon. You trust your eye and you cannot help
but bare your soul. One's vision finds of necessity the form suitable to express it.

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Exhibitions & Publications

Hall of Presidents, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  © The Inge Morath Foundation/Magnum Photos.Exhibitions:

The traveling exhibition of the Inge Morath Foundation are developed from the Foundation’s extensive collection of Morath’s work from all periods of her life, including contact sheets, caption books, and writings related to her work, as well as nearly 10,000 lifetime and vintage prints. The IM Foundation develops its own exhibitions, which are administered by Magnum Photos/New York. The Foundation also encourages and facilitates the work of students, scholars, and curators who may wish to include Morath’s photographs in their studies, exhibitions, and other programs. The Foundation holds the copyright to Morath’s photographs and writings, and makes these accessible to individuals and institutions as appropriate.

Current traveling exhibitions of the IM Foundation include:
- Inge Morath: Romanian Journal (Peasant Museum, Bucharest, 2010).
- Well Disposed and Trying to See: Inge Morath and Arthur Miller in China (University of Michigan Art Museum, 2008).
- Inge Morath: The Road to Reno (Chicago Cultural Center, 2004).

Lists of exhibitions by Inge Morath during her lifetime may be found here (on her wiki page) and here (on her Magnum Photos page).


Inge Morath published numerous monographs during her lifetime. These include:

- Inge Morath: Last Journey. Prestel (2003).
- Inge Morath: New York. Otto Müller Verlag, Austria (2002).
- Inge Morath: Life as a Photographer. Kehayoff Books, Germany (1999).
- Arthur Miller: Photographed by Inge Morath. FNAC, Spain (1999).
- Inge Morath: Portraits. Austria (1999).
- Woman to Woman. Magnum Photos, Japan (1996).
- Inge Morath: Donau. Otto Müller Verlag, Austria (1995).
- Inge Morath: Spain in the Fifties. Arte con Texto, Spain (1994).
- Inge Morath: Photographs 1952 to 1992. Otto Müller Verlag, Austria (1992).
- Russian Journal. Aperture Foundation, USA (1991).
- Portraits. Aperture, USA (1986). ISBN 978-0-89381-244-7
- Bilder aus Wien: Der Liebe Augustin. Reich Verlag, Switzerland (1981).
- Inge Morath: Photographs of China. Grand Rapids Art Museum, USA (1979).
- Grosse Photographen unserer Zeit: Inge Morath. C.J. Bucher Verlag, Switzerland (1975).
- East West Exercises. Simon Walker & Co., USA (1973).
- De la Perse à l’Iran. Robert Delpire, France (1958).
- Venice Observed. Reynal & Co., USA (1956).
- Fiesta in Pamplona. Universe Books, USA (1956).
- Guerre à la Tristesse. Robert Delpire, France (1955).

Morath also published one book with Yul Brynner.

- Bring Forth the Children: A Journey to the Forgotten People of Europe and the Middle East. McGraw-Hill, USA (1960).

She published two with Saul Steinberg.

- Saul Steinberg Masquerade. Viking Studio, USA (2000).
- Le Masque (Drawings by Saul Steinberg). Maeght Editeur, France (1967).

And she published four books with Arthur Miller.

- Salesman in Beijing. Viking Press, USA (1984).
- Chinese Encounters. Straus & Giroux, USA (1979).
- In the Country. Viking Press, USA (1977).
- In Russia. Viking Press, USA (1969).

Posthumous publications of Morath’s photographs by the Inge Morath Foundation include:

- Inge Morath: Fashion. Steidl (forthcoming).
- Inge Morath: First Color. Steidl, Germany (2009). ISBN 978-3-86521-930-5
- Inge Morath: Iran. Steidl, Germany (2009). ISBN 978-3-86521-697-7
- The Road to Reno. Steidl, Germany (2006). ISBN 978-3-86521-203-0

For more information on the publications of the Inge Morath Foundation, please see our Ongoing Research page.

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