Riel Sturchio: Chasing Light

Riel Sturchio (USA): Chasing Light

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Since birth, my twin sister, Bianca, and I have uniquely struggled with cerebral palsy, illness, and our inherent identities as twins. Over the past several years Bianca has worked with me on this long-term project to document of our lived experiences as twins. Images are made with medium format color film and a Pentax camera.

Authentic and vulnerable images depict a distinct yet universal reality that can help shift the landscape of non-normativity and disease away from disempowering associations and connotations. Stigmatized labels are maintained by dialogues that often disengage, or exclude those who don’t fit into a social norm. Chasing Light is inclusive to all individuals able-bodied or not, by engaging those who relate to challenges with the body’s physical appearance, capabilities, one’s own social identity, self-identity, self-stigma, and shame. The project shows what disability can look like, including scars, the body, pain, and also shows moments of calm, peace, and beauty, a sense strength and courage. The project allows myself and others a greater understanding of non-normative ability and disability. It also entails an inherent political aspect as it looks at a marginalized body that is disabled, queer, and female.