ViewYork @ CLAIR, Munich

View York Exhibition & Book in Munich

Forthcoming from Galerie CLAIR, Munich

As a world stage, New York seems to provide an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration to photographers from a wide variety of backgrounds. This catalogue reveals the views of international photographers and authors who feel like New Yorkers. Some of them live or have lived there, many however are just passers-by, who have cultivated a secret pact with this city as they return over and over again. Featuring selected works from the years 1954–2010, including some previously unpublished works by renowned photographers, VIEW YORK offers nine personal insights into the essence of this super-metropolis.

Leonard Freed, Gundula Friese, Erich Hartmann, Guy Le Querrec, Andrew Lichtenstein, Inge Morath, Hally Pancer, Klavdij Sluban and Patrick Zachmann

Gundula Friese, Ruth Bains Hartmann, Andrew Lichtenstein, Anna-Patricia Kahn, Arthur Miller, Hally Pancer, Klavdij Sluban and Patrick Zachmann

Exhibition Dates:
15 September to 22 October 2011, Galerie CLAIR, Munich
from 15 September 2011, German-American Institute, Tübingen
from 25 April 2012, German-American Institute, Freiburg

Publisher: Kerber Verlag