Zhe Chen Bees, 2011

Zhe Chen Bees at Beaugeste, Shanghai

Zhe Chen Bees at Beaugeste Gallery, Shanghai

Beaugeste is honored to invite you to the opening of Zhe Chen’s exhibition: (Recipient of the 2011 Inge Morath Award from Magnum Foundation) – Saturday 3rd of September 2011 from 3PM to 8PM

“Brought up in Beijing, China, Zhe Chen is a photo-based artist currently living in Los Angeles. In the past four years, Zhe has created a series of projects focusing on body modification, human hair, identity confusion, post-traumatic stress disorder, and memory. Zhe’s winning project is a document of self-mortification among a community of disaffected Chinese. The difficult nature of her subject is made more complex by Chen’s lyrical approach, identifying the physical self-destruction of her subjects as an act of spiritual cleansing.” That is how in some sixty words the Inge Morath Foundation and the Magnum Foundation have summarized the essence of Zhe Chen’s early master piece Bees in their introduction to the 2011 Award presented to her.

“生於北京,現居洛杉磯的陳哲是一位攝影藝術家。在過去四年裏,陳哲創作了一系列關於人體改造, 毛發、應激障礙、身份認同與記憶的作品。陳哲之獲獎項目記錄了一群有自傷經歷的中國年輕人。攝影師將拍攝對象的自毀行為看作凈化精神的手段,這種抒情的表現方式使得原本就不簡單的主題變得爲更加複雜。”這是瑪格南基金會將2011年英格·莫拉絲獎頒發給陳哲時,對她的年輕傑作《蜜蜂》所做的簡短總結。


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